In an age of DIY dominance, it is not uncommon to see homemade baskets of goodies being traded amongst friends and family during the holidays, or even for birthdays and other events. This creates the perfect opportunity to gift the coffee lover with some wonderful, java-themed ideas: with the added bonus of either creating something one of a kind or picking up some of the needed necessities of the caffeinated connoisseur.

So what to include in the coffee gift basket you wish to create? Let’s start with the obvious: the coffee. You can base this decision on many factors: What season is it? What are that person’s favorite flavors? Do they enjoy creamer or maybe some raw sugar in their coffee? Once you locate the perfect brew, take it out of the bag and transfer to a cute mason jar or another glass piece they can use in their kitchen. The opportunities are countless for personalization.

So what should the receiver of this coffee basket drink their coffee from? This opens a whole other area of choice: mug or thermos? Ceramic or metal? Made for the home cabinet or made for the road warrior’s cup holder? Pinterest will help you hone in your inspiration and with the help of an oven, a white mug, and a trusty Sharpie™ marker: you can create your dedicated masterpiece for the receiver of your gift.

Coffee Gift Baskets
(Photo Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous)

Finally, the basket. You can utilize anything from your typical basket to a small or medium-sized fabric or wood crate that someone can use again to hold wine, magazines, dog toys, etc. You can see that there are many ways to put together a thoughtful and customized gift for someone and not have to break your bank. Top off your gift with some serving spoons, creamers, or even better: some delicious chocolates or dipping cookies.

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