Our taste in coffee has rapidly evolved over the past decade. Today almost every small town has a gourmet coffee shop, and it seems as if one can be found on almost every other city block. We have become exposed to a variety of beverages, brewing techniques, and foreign specialties… and we love them! American coffee culture has been greatly influenced by this trend, including the delicious beverages we choose to enjoy. Including an Wedding Espresso Bar at your  Reception is more than just a trendy statement- it is a surefire way to please your guests on a vast array of levels.

Wedding Coffee Espresso Bar by Cupa Cabana

Exciting and Interactive

An Espresso Bar is typically something your guests have not had the opportunity to experience. Every aspect of their beverage is customized to their preference: dairy options, toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate or caramel drizzle and a full selection of condiments are all available for their enjoyment. Our baristas are trained to serve gourmet beverages for large gatherings in a speedy manner without sacrificing quality, taste or esthetic appeal.

Alcohol Alternative

Not all guests drink alcohol. Those, that do not, will love having an “alternate” bar to enjoy.

Kids Love Cocoa

Our Standard Espresso Bar includes a whole lot more than just coffee. We have Chai, an assorted variety of teas and Hot Chocolate. Children love the experience of watching the barista create their delicious and gourmet beverage.

Coffee & Dessert: The Perfect Pair

Our service is usually timed to run throughout the duration of dessert. Guests are treated to a gourmet beverage to accompany the dessert portion of the evening. What could be better?

Coffee is King

There are many cultures around the world where the absence of a crowd favorite is a social gaff. If our Espresso Bar does not include your favorites, we are happy to change that. For example, in the past we have served Turkish and Cuban style coffee to accommodate the wishes of our clients.

Good Bye Coffee

Wedding celebrations include eating, drinking, dancing and making merry. Towards the end of the evening, we are all pretty beat.  As guests depart our team of baristas can prepare a delicious beverage to go, leaving a lasting impression of an amazing affair.

Wedding espresso Bar by Cupa Cabana Catering

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