Let’s face it; the latte is a staple in the coffee world. Whether you’re starting the morning off strong or keeping the ball rolling, sometimes a latte is all you need. But, the most challenging part is the process behind the magic. A latte takes time, and we’re here to help.

Read more as we break down everything you need to know about mastering the perfect mix.

3 Tips for the Perfect Latte

Just Steam It

To start off, make sure your supplies are clean and ready to brew. Take your pitcher and fill it only about halfway full with milk. Half and half also works, but let’s leave that part up to you. Put the wand in the milk, and the magic begins. Begin by moving your pitcher in an up-and-down motion and watch the foam starts to rise. Make sure you’re swirling the cup evenly, it’s crucial to keep those levels consistent.

Once the milk has reached a temperature of around 160 degrees, you’re almost there. Just give your pitcher a little tap on the counter to disperse any large bubbles – beware of ruining your chances for that lovely latte art.

3 Tips for the Perfect LatteThe Perfect Pour

Now that you’ve got your foam on point, it’s time for the final step. One of the most critical parts to presenting your latte is making sure that everything is appropriately poured. Evenly pour your drink at a higher distance then you may think. You’ll want to make sure to allow your milk and espresso to come together and the perfect place. 

Now there’s one last step, enjoy!

Pro tip: A circular pour is one of the best ways for your mix to come to life.


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