So, you’ve got your next event planned out, but you need something to take it to the next level? If you already gotten in touch with us for a mobile espresso bar, you’re starting off on the right foot. Some of us can agree, though, that a stand-alone bar just won’t have enough flair. Here at Cupa Cabana, we know just how important it is to come loaded with extra pizazz.

What would we recommend you do in order to top-off your coffee catering? Custom branding, of course! When you have an espresso bar making an appearance at your event, it’s important to let everyone know exactly who you are/what the event is all about. We provide a variety of ways for your logo to be the highlight, front and center, of your rented coffee bar.

It’s the little things that count the most!

Cupa Cabana Custom Coffee Bar

Create a Custom Experience

The same boring coffee bar tends to make the rounds at many millennial events. It’s time to let your guests know just how much you care! With a custom graphic, you’re giving your guests precisely what they know and love.

Or, switch things up and surprise your guests with something a little different. We’ve recently rolled out several unique image options for weddings to perfect your special day, check it out below.

A custom experience makes for an unforgettable event; what are you waiting for?

Cupa Cabana Custom Coffee Bar

Reel in the Crowd

When people recognize the striking logo in front of the bar, of course they want to get involved! We’ve had the pleasure of working with several elite brands such as Nike, Marriott Hotels, and more. All of which opted to highlight their brand logo right in front in order the gather the crowd.

Why go for something generic? A custom coffee bar is calling your guest’s names!

Cupa Cabana Custom Coffee Bar

Make an Impression

As we’ve highlighted in an earlier article, when discussing event planning, its all about making an impression. A custom coffee bar sporting your logo is a sight to be seen! Give your guests more reasons to chit-chat about your event the next day. Our custom bars are also great photo ops, so get ready to be cheesin’ all night.

Cupa Cabana Coffee Bar

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