Have you ever gotten an invite for a meeting – one that’s FIRST THING in the morning?

It’s the type of event that strikes fear and dread in many folks. Maybe they’re night owls. Maybe they just find it hard to leave the cozy warmth of their beds.

But what if that early morning meeting offered more than just a crack-of-dawn wakeup call?

A well-planned breakfast meeting stocked with tempting food and delicious drinks can lure even the most reluctant attendee with its stunning display and drool-worthy aromas.

We’ve compiled three tips for hosting morning meetings that earn praise for being a smashing success.

Have a Stunning Display

Arrange camera-ready tablescapes with colorful tablecloths, multi-level trays, flowers, and delectable food.

People are generally hungry in the morning. Appeal to their eyes with beautiful food, their noses with tantalizing smells, and their tastebuds with robust flavors. Do that successfully, and the attendees will suddenly forget the early hour and find themselves drawn to the buffet table.

Offer Miniature Menu Items

There’s a time and place for a tall stack of syrup-laden pancakes, but a work meeting is not one of them. Bite-sized goodies keep things relatively tidy and make it easy for attendees to collect a variety of tasty foods.

Think mini quiches, biscuit breakfast sandwiches, and tiny yogurt parfaits. Attendees can happily fill their plates and try an assortment of morning fare.

Treats for Morning Meetings

If they’re going to have to get up early for morning meetings, there may as well be a pleasant payoff. Treats like gourmet doughnuts (which are very hot right now), croissants, muffins, and specialty espresso drinks (of course!) finish off a breakfast event on a sweet and flavorful note. Not to mention that the espresso can help wake everyone up.

Breakfast offerings are so universally appealing, so embrace the theme and play it up.

The next time someone suggests an early morning meeting, you’ll have some tricks up your sleeve to make it an extraordinarily enjoyable gathering.

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