Lattes are a staple in the vast world of coffee love. The warmth of foamy steamed milk brings everything together for a classic taste. It’s hard to imagine being able to make this masterpiece any better. That’s where we come in. One way we’ve been taking our lattes to the next level for years is with the help of a familiar spice.

Our professionally trained baristas blow away the crowd when cinnamon latte art starts coming into the fold. Are you wondering what the buzz behind our designs is all about? We’re here to explain.

Custom Design

Cinnamon latte art is one of the many ways for you to truly customize your mobile coffee catering experience. Maybe you want to share the date of your wedding anniversary, or it could be something more on the professional side. Regardless of your logo choice, our baristas are here to bring your vision to life.

We’ve worked with countless brands such as Nike & the Marriott Hotel Group to step up their branding game. It’s hard to beat edible advertising!

Want to get an idea of what our cinnamon latte art brings to the table? Check out the picture we’ve included below. We’re sure you’ll be just a blown way as your guests will be!

The Finishing Touches

A latte comes with the basics of everything you need for the optimal drink. Especially when you include Cupa Cabana’s proprietary beans, the scent of your caffeinated pleasure is hard to miss.

One thing you should know about us, the original coffee catering company, we love to stand out. By including the finishing touches of cinnamon art, your guests are ready to share your brand with the world! With the power of social media, let your guests do the advertising for you. In a matter of minutes, you’ll see on your Instagram feed just how much everyone loves a branded latte!

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