Planning out your special day takes a lot more than just a few weeks of planning. Accounting for the entertainment to the guest-list and everything in between takes plenty of time and patience. When it comes to making the final decision on a wedding venue, brides-to-be will find no shortage of options.

Here on the east coast, you’ll find select wedding locations along the beach, on skyscraper rooftops, or even right along the Hudson River. You can’t go wrong providing your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime look at the New York City skyline!

Besides determining exactly where to host your ceremony, deciding what you will include for your guests comes at the top of the list. As a premier coffee catering company, we can’t help but be a bit bias. One of the most popular choices for wedding enhancements in 2020 is a custom coffee bar option. We can all agree bringing the buzz to your guests sparks conversation and keeps the ball rolling, all night long!

Once you agree a mobile espresso bar is the move, the next step is pairing the perfect design with your wedding venue. Join us as we show off a few of our popular mobile coffee cart designs and how they can pair with the platform you’ve always dreamt of.

Beach Wedding – Hamptons Espresso Bar

So, you’re all set up on the Jersey shore, ready to get your special day underway. While your guests await your arrival, keep them engaged with a crowd-favorite, our Hamptons espresso bar.

Whitewashed with premium wood ascents, this bar is ideal for setting the mood with an ocean view.

Pairing Your Wedding Venue with a Custom Espresso Bar

Backyard/Barn Wedding – Barnwood Coffee Bar

Our barnwood coffee bar takes the cake at backyard & barn weddings for those heading down a more traditional route. If you’re in the crowd that prefers a rustic feel rather than a modern one, look no further.

The barnwood coffee bar, paired with our classic espresso bar sign, creates an atmosphere that will leave guests humming.

Pairing Your Wedding Venue with a Custom Espresso Bar

Rooftop Wedding – Designer Lucite Buffet

Are you taking on a more modern approach? We have your answer. As rooftop weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, tapping into a sleek and contemporary design has become all the rage.

With a customized graphic and colored backlighting, personalize our designer lucite buffet bar to make a statement at your rooftop rendezvous.

Pairing Your Wedding Venue with a Custom Espresso Bar

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