Aside from the owners of Zoom, 2020 hasn’t exactly been an easy year for anyone. From political elections to the pandemic, supporting each other has felt like a lost art this year. With the recent passing of Small Business Saturday, our team thought we would take a moment to address the importance of uplifting each other. Whether in everyday life or the world of business, let’s do our part to spread positivity.

Here at Cupa Cabana, providing a positive spark to the world, one cup at a time, is what we’re all about. Even with the intense restrictions that have been in place regarding the events industry, our staff has continued to push through these challenging times, but it hasn’t been easy. As the news of more restrictions come into play, let’s maintain our distance while coming together to keep each other afloat. By supporting a small business, you’re not only helping a family and a growing team, but you’re also supporting your community by keeping people together.

So, what are a few ways you can support small businesses during these unprecedented times? Think small and stay local.

Gift Cards

One of the best ways to uplift the small business community is by purchasing gift cards for your friends or families. Not only are these gift cards great for spreading the word, but they also help keep small companies afloat when things can’t be sold upfront.

Shop Local

As much as we all love the wide selection at grocery store chains, opting to purchase from a local farmer’s market is a great way to make a difference. Think about supporting the small farm down the street rather than the corporate monsters like Walmart.

Spread the Word

How much does it cost to reshare a post from a small business on social media? Absolutely nothing. Take the time to share a link here and there for a small business; we all truly appreciate the support.

Please give us a follow on Instagram or Twitter and spread the word! We can’t thank everybody enough for doing their part in supporting small businesses.

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