Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the chocolate lover in us has been awakened.  Since our inner espresso lover is always present, in the spirit of February 14th – we celebrate the union between chocolate and espresso. Who knows, maybe you’ll try out one of these recipes for your very own Valentine’s Day gathering (or romantic home-cooked dinner).


Valentine’s Day – How Sweet and Bold it Can Be

The bold flavor of espresso paired with the sweet decadence of chocolate is far from a new concept. It is an excellent way to blend delicious flavors together to create something special for the upcoming holiday.

Recipes that blend espresso and chocolate can be simple, or for the more avid baker. You can dip espresso beans in dark chocolate and pair with a delicious vanilla gelato, or dabble with a delicious chocolate-espresso mousse.


Have the Cake – and Eat it Too

Not only is the recipe for the Chocolate Amaretto Espresso Mousse cake delicious – it is gorgeous.


An added score – the bottom of this cake is composed of brownies. Uh, yum.


To view the ingredients list and full recipe, visit the Savor the Best blog.

Espresso and chocolate drinks can also be an alternative to a heavier dessert. You do not have to be a professional bartender to create a deliciously decadent and delicious cocktail. If you have 20 minutes, (and the ingredients of course) you are all set to go! Get the recipe from the Food Network.

When people think of chocolate and coffee, they think of tiramisu. There is so much more in the world of these blend of flavors. Some of the recipes we’ve shared give you a glimpse into the different flavor profiles available when you combine espresso and chocolate. This Valentine’s Day – consider making a dessert with espresso and chocolate as your treat!

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