Wedding organization is key when keeping sanity levels manageable. The overall goal is to ensure that all things are addressed without pulling out one’s hair before the big day. If there is anything that a bride will appreciate, it is a calm approach to a day where perfection means everything. This also means a calmer, less stressed groom!

Wedding Organization Tips from Cupa Cabana



Give Yourself Time to Get Wedding Organization Aligned

Congrats! You’re engaged and now you’ve got between now and the wedding date to prepare. Begin your process by making a list of what you’ll definitely want to do for the wedding. Food, drink, flowers, a photographer, happy hour, the dress, Save the Dates, invites, etc. Schedule out what you need, and give yourself a buffer of two or three days in case something is delayed or a small road bump arises. Another suggestion? Make it fun! Get a cute notebook, a new pen, some tabs or color sticky-notes, and get your organization and creativity skills flowing.

Enlist Help

Calling Mom, Step-Mom, Sis, Bro, Favorite Cousin… you get the idea. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take initiative and help with a wedding need. Give them advance notice so they can prepare themselves for what they’ll need to do for your wedding plans. Try and consider if the task is meant for the person you are going to ask. Do you think aloof Uncle John would be a good candidate to help figure out your seating chart? Probably not. Set up your helper for success by keeping their strengths in mind.

Be Realistic

Based on your wedding timeframe, being realistic about your needs will help keep your checklist manageable. If you are getting married in 6 months and you’re just engaged, some of the extra little details may be hard to achieve or manage. Still determined to have all those things you’ve always wanted but short on time? If all else fails, hiring a wedding coordinator will help keep you focused, on task, and they’ll handle the heavy lifting. Is it just you doing the prep? Cut down on extras so you don’t become to overwhelmed.

Take Care of You

Go to the gym. Meditate. Do yoga. You are the keeper of your health and sanity during the wedding organization and planning process. By doing things that pamper your mind, body, and soul – you will keep yourself happy and relaxed which will allow you to better handle stressful situations during wedding planning.



Remember What It’s All For

Your wedding day will be wonderful. Some people become so obsessed with “perfection” that if something goes awry, they think the day will be ruined. A little bit of reality: something may, and likely will go wrong. As long as you focus on the big moments, like saying “I Do”, looking into your love’s eyes, and enjoying your family and friends – the small things won’t matter. Proper planning and a focused, clear mind will achieve a smooth and worry-free experience before a walk down the aisle.

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