Are you planning on having a summer party in 2022? Of course, you are! There’s nothing like getting your friends and family together to celebrate under the summer sun. Whether you’re making a toast in the backyard or renting out an elaborate New York venue, summertime fun is best when enjoyed with everyone.

The most tricky part about a summer party is covering all the necessities. It’s not as easy as setting up a cooler and a tiki bar and then calling it a day! You’ll need to cover the basics of a few summer party necessities to ensure that everyone enjoys your event to the max.

Although there’s a lot to cover when it comes to fun under the sun, here is a quick list of 3 party essentials that you just can’t miss. Don’t forget that you know who to call if you need help keeping your guests refreshed. Click here to request a quote from Cupa Cabana Coffee and Espresso Catering and take one step closer to having a summer party like no other.

Outdoor Summer Party Necessities

Chic Outdoor Furniture

Tiki-themed furniture is so 2005. Nowadays, outdoor parties typically feature chic outdoor furniture that you used to only see on HGTV.

Think about creating an experience with your furniture that accomplishes pairing style and practicability. Check out an example of modern patio furniture below, and then head over to Pinterest for further inspiration.

Yard Games (on a budget)

You know how essential yard games are at any summer bash! Unfortunately, buying yard games for just one day can run you more than just a few dollars.

But, hold on; we have good news! Hop in your car and take a ride to the local Five Below, and you’ll find yard games ranging from classic cornhole to other sweet summer sports.

Iced Coffee Catering

Outdoor Summer Party Necessities

Iced coffee catering at your summer party will create a memorable experience that will leave you word guess raving about for years to come.

When you work with a coffee catering company like Cupa Cabana, our baristas arrive with a smile and, most importantly, some of the industry’s best coffee.

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