If you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram posts for the past few weeks, you likely noticed the event industry has come under fire. With the strict restrictions in place due to COVID-19, catering services such as Cupa Cabana have felt the effects first-hand. So, in a time when businesses are forced to get creative in the ways they reach out to clients, we thought it was a perfect time to get back to the basics.

As the original mobile espresso bar service, our team is all about making a difference when interacting with clients. Our bars aren’t just a simple “one-size-fits-all” solution. Cupa’s team of professionally trained baristas knows exactly what it takes to make your experience with us an unforgettable one.

From our baristas’ skill to our coffee quality, there are more than a few ways Cupa Cabana stands out in the competitive events space. Take a look with us as we cover a few ways why our team remains the top ranking coffee catering service in the tri-state area.

Our proprietary blend of beans

Why go with that same old supplier of beans you get from your local grocery store? If you want to impact your guests, you have to come stocked with the best. By sourcing our blend of beans from around the world, our proprietary mix has stood the test of time.

Coffee fanatics know you have to get right to the source to ensure your beans aren’t just that bland everyday flavor. By working with farms from around the globe, our blends make a difference in both taste and texture.

Commercial, high powered equipment

To acquire the best-tasting coffee, you need to have the equipment that comes with it. Each one of our mobile coffee bars comes loaded with industry-leading equipment that brings out the best in each cup.

The right tools are essential to making sure our catering service isn’t just an ordinary coffee experience. With the proper equipment in place, Cupa Cabana demands the attention of your guests.

Customized coffee bars

As we touched on in a recent article, adding a personal touch to each coffee bar is what makes them as impressive as ever. Our team works with you to create custom graphics displayed front and center of each unique mobile coffee center.

Don’t roll with the same old coffee catering company. Stand out from the crowd with Cupa Cabana!

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