Let’s face it, being locked inside all day isn’t going to favor anyone’s mental health. As the sun pokes through and we begin to return to the normalcy of life, it’s essential to make sure both your mind and body are prepared.

Although it may be more difficult for some than others, there is something out there to help over get off to a strong start, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Read on the learn how coffee has shown significant results in being able to assist with those struggling from chronic depression.

Studies Show…

With help from Daily Coffee News, our team has been able to analyze a few studies that have recently been published about coffee helping to battle mental illness. Commissioned by the National Coffee Association of the United States, a new white paper suggests that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from depression by as much as one third.

“Evidence shows that coffee drinkers are significantly less likely to be depressed than people who do not drink coffee,” states Harvard professor Alan Leviton. “Coffee’s positive impact on mental health appears to be related to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and microbiome-promoting properties, which are also associated with coffee drinkers’ reduced risk of developing certain cancers and chronic diseases.”

It’s mind-boggling thinking about how much coffee can benefit our everyday lives and just how much of an impact a daily cup of joe can have. But, maybe it’s time to boost that number up to two cups a day. Another reputable study in Korea found very similar results as the previous study mentioned, but with a bit more specifics. It has been noted that those drinking at least two cups on a daily basis reported a 32% lower presence of self-diagnosed depression.

Possessing such prominent results, it’s become hard to deny the positive influence that coffee and it’s medicinal properties can have. With coffee improving both mental illness and heart health, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself to one more brew.

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